My name is James WF Roberts,  I am an emerging writer/poet from a place called Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.  I have not worked in the Media for a year or so. I am trying to get back into the swing of things so I will be posting lots of old newspaper articles and poetry of my own that I have had published in a former local newspaper, youth supplement. As well as current, news, views and reviews  that i will bring to light on my radio show on http://www.phoenixfm.org it is a community radio station in Bendigo and i do the spoken word, poetry thing on my show, crazytalk/wordberserk, from 11:30pm until 2:30–3am Eastern Standard Time. I have a double honours degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies/Literature, Art and Film.  This is an open forum of my work so when I post stuff on here i don’t mind people disagreeing with me or hating me, or using my blog to talk about their own art shows, gigs, book launches, etc.etc I will however only moderate this forum, this free exchange of ideas if there are any slanderous, racist, sexest or discrimination of any sort. I don’t believe you can have an open dialouge that alaways reduces itself to pettiness. So please enjoy my blog and feel free to comment on anything you see here. Peace Out James.


6 Responses to About

  1. ~Lady Day says:

    See…I clicked on your blog earlier for a moment..saw a movie review post and left…:) Do not enjoy movies much…9/10 times they are so predictable they are a waste of my time…I did not scrollthrough enough to discover you are a poet…which is my primary love:) Nice to meet you through writing.

    • thanks my dear…I review everything on here books, poetry, movies, tv shows, etc etc i have a few poetry vids of mine on here

      • ~Lady Day says:

        eek…a reviewer…and an educated one…scary to us uneducated writers, or rather, self educatd writers…lol. What is your most favourite of your own writing?

  2. I don’t think i have a favourite piece yet. I haven’t really been published wide and far enough yet. Rage is not a bad one i guess. That is on here

  3. James what happened to your Facebook, if you want you can e-mail me at lisadabrowski70@yahoo.com love you…xx

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