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Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? Is desire all psychological  Midsummer…when we think of that word, we think of Puck, and Shakespeare, Felix Mendelssohn’s Orchestral masterpiece, pagan rites, orgies, drunken riots, Bacchic visions and everyone writhing around each other in the thicket. Well, it’s not going to be as fun as all that…but it’s pretty damn close to being that fun. Midsumma Festival is an annual celebration of queer culture. Held during January and February in Melbourne, Australia, the festival began as a one week celebration of gay pride in 1989. The festival has expanded over the years to what is now a three week event that now attracts 120,000 individuals to its opening Carnival alone, with many participating in, and attending, Midsumma events across the entire festival.

Midsumma Festival is considered a major event by Tourism Victoria and the City of Melbourne, with both government agencies providing funds to aspects of the festival delivery. The festival has in the past been identified globally as one of the top five gay and lesbian arts and cultural celebrations, along with New York, San Francisco, Vancouver and Sydney.

Previous events have included what at the time was Australia’s only gay short play competition, Pink Shorts, a collaborative project engaging theatre veterans and drama newcomers to bring new short works to the Melbourne Stage Summa Cabaret which featured Hugh Jackman, Geraldine Turner, and the ensembles Combo Fiasco and The Great Big Opera Company.

The festival’s performing arts program includes a range of musicals, theatre, cabaret, film, spoken word, music events and dance parties. These performing arts events are largely produced by the community.

This year it will be as out, loud and proud as ever plus something very exciting to witness…

But, let me ask you again, where does desire begin? Is desire a drug within it’s self. bodies entwining, embracing, tongues touching. Mouth to Mouth. MOUTH TO MOUTH. Mouth, to mouth...there is something so suggestive, so seductive in those three words, aren’t there? Something so sensual, so sexual, so longing. The rhythm of the words just hang above you waiting for a kiss. This Australia Day weekend the people of Melbourne are certainly going to be in for a bit of the usual fun and frivolity.

The profound, the profane, the erotic and the outrageous all come together.
a shock at the annual Midsumma festival…But maybe I am wrong about this…maybe desire truly begins, with the throb of cock and clit – not necessarily against each other.

Mouth to Mouth will take you from the first flush of sex to the shaping grounds of family, into the body and its wild inclinations – before you even have a chance to reach for a wet wipe.

Brigitte Lewis is the award-winning author of the erotic lesbian verse novel Rubbing Mirrors. Curve Magazine in the US included it on their list of books you shouldn’t have missed in 2008. Brigitte’s poetry has been featured on 3CR’s Spoken Word program, Joy 94.9’s Femme Fatale and Syn FM’s Rainbow Juice. She has performed at Girl Interpreted alongside Yana Alana, Northern Exposure, Women Out Wild, ChillOUT, The Human Rights Arts and Film Festival and many others.

She has a PhD in Sociology on the limits of rationality and identity creation in 21st Century Australia which she earned from the University Melbourne where she teaches Sociology and Anthropology students the art of cultivating a critical mind.

Mouth to Mouth sees Brigitte bring her PhD off the page and onto the stage and unveil the identities she has learnt to put on as an Australian woman and a survivor of domestic violence, new age practices and heartbreak, while simultaneously critiquing the current political landscape. This is her most honest offering to date.

Niccolo’ Palandri is an Italian-born poet and artist based in Melbourne. He is a voracious reader and lover who is constantly surprised at how wonderful life and people can be to those who have eyes and hearts open to the unknown. He has won the Hares and Hyenas Word Slam and appeared on PBS’s ‘Queering the Air’. He holds a diploma in Professional Writing and Editing from RMIT.
Niccoló sees Mouth to Mouth as an exciting beginning, as a postcard written to himself, spanning his shaped his identity – from his Catholic upbringing in Italy to his maturity in Australia.

The collaboration between Palandri and Lewis came about quite spontaneously, evolving into a full length show out of humble beginnings, ‘parallel poems’ and numerous nights of rants and dance.

Where: Ra Room, Collins Quarter, 86A Collins St, Melbourne, Victoria
When: January 24, 25, 26 @ 7:00pm –Thursday, Friday, Saturday
What for: Midsumma Festival 2013
How Much: $15/$12


PS: Watch this space for a review after the Midsumma Festival…



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  1. Hey there! I’ve been following your site for a while now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Houston Texas! Just wanted to tell you keep up the great job!

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