Page Seventeen Results

I guess I can say this now…I would like to warmly congratulate my Colleague and Fellow-Poet Glen Ewing on his fanatastic poem In Peak Hour One Day. I would also like to announce that My poem Hot White Kiss, and I won the Runner-Up Prize,

Second Place in the (Poetry and Short Story Prize) Page Seventeen Issue 10 Anthology. Koraly Dimitriadis was the judge and spoke extremely well at the launch, and obviously I love the fact that she is trying to give new and emerging writers a voice in a very competivitve marketplace. Big congratulations to everyone else who was short-listed and published and read out their magnificent work at the launch on Sunday. Bronwen Manger,Petr Malapanis, Mary Stone, Andrea Louise Thomas, and so many, many more. Would also like to thank everyone at Busy Bird and Page Seventeen for doing such a marvelous and inspiring job with the book. Please support local, Underground and Independant Publishers!

I was also fortunate enough to have my reflections on my writing and a bit of bio on the page 17 website as a blog this week. So if you are interested in reading it please go to this link…

I am still quite overcome in someways. This is the first time since I have become a professional writer that i have gone better than just being short-listed. Though short-listing is pretty damn good anyway.


About jameswfrobertsdapoet

Emerging Poet and Writer. From Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. I present a show called Crazy Talk/Word Berserk, on I believe in what Phoenix has to offer. No where else will you get the diversity of Gospel, Country music shows, Koori themed shows and Poetry and Experimental music? My father, Bryan did a show on 3CCC in the 1980’s called the Keyboard Hour for a bout 8 years, until he died. That is partly why I joined Phoenix but mainly it’s because of the diversity we offer people and also I really do feel that we are an important vehicle, an important voice for the Community at Large. My interests are Poetry, Literature, Music, Movies, Cultural Awareness and Philosophical pursuits. My show is basically a Late Night Radio Show for Artists, Poets, Musicians and Creative Thinkers of all types to come and inform, enjoy, entertain and inspire each other. So join me and my guests from the local Artistic Community to be inspired, to be entertained and informed
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