Just wrote this poem between songs on my radio show. Hope it’s okay. Dark and a bit mythical…hope that is okay.
James WF Roberts

Run, run, run little rabbit run…
Big bad wolf is still sniffing around the burrow
Run, run statue if you can feel, you can move. Faster.
Innocently? or Immaturely, danced too long around the gates
of Hades. 

What happened to the maiden who danced around the Devil?
What happened to Persphone? where is she now… initiate, flirt
embrace…but run. Run. Run. Little Rabbit run.

Method in the madness you cannot see
Giving what you want. Giving you want you need…
escape. Run. Run. Run. Little Rabbit Run
away from the on-coming storm…
don’t be seduced by the headlights…

Run. Run. Run. Run. Don’t look back.
Don’t remember. Just run..Black Dog
will find you…no more Nights in Satin…

on your knees to this Satan. 

Run. Run. Run. Run Little Rabbit Run.
you have almost made it to the end of the overgrown path
in this haunted forest. 

Run Little Rabbit. Run Little Rabbit Run.
Can you see the dawn yet? Icarus flying so high
Remember Eurydice Don’t look back…Keep running…
the Black Dog has almost lost your scent..just let it feast on me.


About jameswfrobertsdapoet

Emerging Poet and Writer. From Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. I present a show called Crazy Talk/Word Berserk, on www.phoenixfm.org.because I believe in what Phoenix has to offer. No where else will you get the diversity of Gospel, Country music shows, Koori themed shows and Poetry and Experimental music? My father, Bryan did a show on 3CCC in the 1980’s called the Keyboard Hour for a bout 8 years, until he died. That is partly why I joined Phoenix but mainly it’s because of the diversity we offer people and also I really do feel that we are an important vehicle, an important voice for the Community at Large. My interests are Poetry, Literature, Music, Movies, Cultural Awareness and Philosophical pursuits. My show is basically a Late Night Radio Show for Artists, Poets, Musicians and Creative Thinkers of all types to come and inform, enjoy, entertain and inspire each other. So join me and my guests from the local Artistic Community to be inspired, to be entertained and informed
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