Extract from Sisters of Mercy…Something Stirring….

Something Stirring.


When Adriane woke up, she was lying on Doctor Alexander’s guilt stained couch. She could hear Will’s voice gruff and angry, swearing at the top of his voice.

“Fucking pig. Fucking cunt. Fucking sick prick…wish I had of had a chance to kill this fucker!”

 She was still pretty groggy as she slowly sat up and looked at Will going through the files and documents of Doctor Alexander, the television monitors on the back wall were all frozen, paused on the garish, pathetic image  of little Mary Jane, either crying, being prodded and probed or used.  She didn’t know she was being watched.

“You are up now good? How is the head? You shouldn’t take naps in the middle of cold corridors, even if it is summer you can still get a cold I think…but you’re the doctor yeah”. Will said sarcastically.

“How long was I  out for? Nap in the corridor? What..where did you find me?”

“You were on the floor, lying in the middle of the corridor, I think you were about to dinner for some of the inmates here, well a midnight snack at least”.

“That is very rude. They are not inmates. They are patients. The people who come here are sick and in dire need of professional help”.

“Yeah I can see that”, he waved some of the files in the air and pointed to the screen, “I can see how busy you have all been, being professional and how sick some of you sons-of-bitches have been with the children here. I don’t know whether to shoot or arrest you…for being an accomplice”.

“That problem…of that one individual has been taken care of…God has seemed to have taken care of that. He died yesterday and his active client list has been re-distributed, re-prioritized”.

                He looked at her extremely disinterested. Turned off the monitors and sat down in the chair behind the desk. He shook his head, ran his hands through the back of hair, touching his ears and shook his head again and let out a strange noise like a parent or teacher, shaking their head in disbelief and follow the strange breath and grunt with, “You are a smart kid. What are we going to do with you miss?”

                                He put his hand out so she would sit down.

“I am sorry. I err, well apparently I am one of those men who feed off their emotions; and I have never been good with dealing with acts of depravity against kids. Lose my temper and myself control sometimes because of it”.

He doesn’t seem that bad. A bit overly emotional. But not an arrogant Cop at least.

“I understand. Shouldn’t you be in bed Mister Minos? You have suffered some pretty nasty injuries”.

“Well you know adrenaline and pain killers and all that kinda macho crap. Anyway I might lose my charm if I suddenly wince in pain”.

                                Why the fuck did I say that? You douche bag. Come on that was terrible.

“Oh…I wouldn’t say that”

                                Did I say that aloud or to myself? Shit.

At first Will didn’t quite hear what she said, but when he realised what she had said, he smiled to himself. There goes any semblance of a professional police interview…says the guy in pajamas and a dressing gown?

“So please Doctor tell me…what is with this girl. Dr. Alexander seems morbidly obsessed with her and so many recent…let’s say phenomena seem to have started when she arrived here. What is her background? Why  was Alexander so obsessed with her?”


“She is a victim. Of more than just circumstances”; oh God why did I say that…that sounds so contrived. That is terrible. Argh! Why can’t we have play and rewind in real life…shit he must think I am some overblown academic.

She noticed he hadn’t made ad any motions of disgust or indifference at her lame metaphor. She continued. “Her family life…well from what he have been told was a bloody mess. It was horrific. In her young life she has known more physical and emotional pain than most adults I have met”.

“I hate to sound morbid or perverse…but what exactly were some of the things she went through?”

“Ritual sexual abuse. Violence. Deprivation. Degradation…”

“Ritual…as in initiation rites…Sabbat kinda things? Devil worshiping kind of stuff?’

“As much as I hate to say it…yes. I do. I think the surroundings, the situation she was born into created something dark within her pysche, within her personality. It’s almost like she is a reverse energy vampire, for lack of a better, more professional term”.

“Like a psychic vampire?”


“Draining all the energy out of people around them…sounds like an Ex of mine. So what do you mean, as in reverse?”

He’s single? Oh please let him be single!

“But everyone seems to be draining her. Almost like all negative dreams and thoughts from other people, suddenly become real when she is around…this is incredibly stupid”.

“I don’t know much about science or the human mind. I do know human behaviour, and I do recognize drug induced states, when I see them, or when I am involved in them…So you are saying, in your medical opinion if you have bad thoughts around this girl, this tiny little girl, who should be jumping rope, and playing innocent games, then those ideas will manifest themselves…or will at least become tangible?’

She grudgingly nodded her head.

“How is any of this even fucking possible?

 “Who knows…but she can’t stay in this place. Neither can we…there is something about the history or this building or something, that just doesn’t sit right. All I know is that it’s got  something to do with all of this”.

“What about the abuse at the hands of the staff? I have to know about this”.

“About specifically to do with Mary or with this place in the past…”

“Don’t fuck me around. Satanists…”


“You know what I said…Satanists”.

“You have been reading too many books and seen too many movies…no such thing, in reality”.

“Oh what about Mary’s family what were you saying about ritualism?”

“One or two cases every now and then by some deranged sexual deviant with a God Complex, does not make it a cult or a sect, or a group”.

“Well I know what my orders are. And it’s stop whatever the fuck is going on here. No matter what”.

Any sense of attraction suddenly started to walk out the door, as he was so forthright and cold towards her. She folded her arms and looked away from his eyes. She liked his blue eyes. His soft blue eyes; they were the eyes of someone who thought long and hard about things. Who regarded everything carefully, yet was a man of action.

“What do you expect we do then? Seriously?”

“I don’t know. But what is happening here can’t go on.

“Of course it fucking can’t…if there is even a chance that she is caught up as a sacrifice for some Satanic Ritual. We have to help her. We have to stop them. But I don’t know how we do this from here”.

“I can’t believe we talking about this. Demons and satanic rites next you’ll be saying she is an avator, bringer of light and dark”.

“How do you know she couldn’t be doctor?”

“That is preposterous…It doesn’t work”.

“Be that as it may…your now dead esteemed and perverted colleague; was writing some very strange things in his notes…wanna look?”

He handed her the folder. She didn’t like the idea of looking into the mind of a sex fiend, like that son-of-a-bitch. She began to read his strange style of medical reportage.

‘Desire has danced across my mind. Darkness has entered my heart. I can feel it all around me now. I can feel her looking at me. I must taste the flesh of the forbidden. I am consumed by flame upon my heart. I need the taste of innocence within me. What has happened to me? All my life I have striven to rid myself of base human emotions. Of fetish. Of lust. Of desire. The base human waste that I have to save. That I have to treat. To cure them of their addictions of pain and pleasure. All my life. When I look at this child her eyes burn my insides. They destroy everything I have worked for. I feel a tingling under my skin I have never felt before. I want to lick her skin. I want to break and mold this child into a slave. All my desires are running rampant in my soul. I have looked upon her soul, as she has looked upon mine. I have seen who she really is. She has shown me that. Her secret nature. Her hidden name. Her mesmerizing mirrored eyes. I am falling through a Hell so new to me, but familiar to everyone whom I’ve made my career with. I have to reveal her nature. I must consume the innocent through flame and flesh. Temptation I am your servant. I must obey”.

She closed her eyes. Tears were running down her face.

“What happened to him? It had started long before Mary got here he had been starting to get a reputation as a vile Doctor for the last few months, maybe even a year”.

“Yet you did nothing, rather chose to do nothing. No-one in this fucking supposed safe environment did anything to help people like Mary now did they?’

“ I don’t know. I guess they didn’t do anything at all now did they?”

“No they didn’t. No you didn’t…there is more to read if you want to continue to read?”

“ I really don’t want to. But I feel I must. I feel like I am so drawn to this fucked up shit, it ain’t funny”.

Story of my life.

She continued to read, the ramblings of this once genius and generous healer. Who had looked into the abyss for too long.

“ Living a life of absolute restraint. Wondering, always what life would be like, could be like, for us, for all of us, if Desires were not held back. What does the old poet and painter say about, restraining one’s desires, only because one’s desires were weak enough to be restrained…Why doe we feel these feelings that peck and tear at the very fabric of what we need to survive. We are there, feeling movement through the ground. Emptiness, shallowness, nothingness all around, feeling  movement through the ground, a dreadful howling has begun, the mournful cry of the spirit world, his ears are bleeding now, the guttural, yet angelic pitched howling of dark creatures seeing dozens and dozens of menacing glaring pin—pricks, decorating the abyss of night, frozen, I am still, cannot move! Help me, help me, help me anyone. They are getting closer this pack of hounds; the  hounds from hell are gaining as I struggle in this quicksand of human waste and guilt. Finally the man in white coat comes to see me tick—tock, tick—tock, tick—tock, tick—tock;heart beat of the ground.  watch the clock you are getting sleepy can’t you see? You are not yourself, sleep perchance to dream, dream perchance to die! The more I fight, the more I succumb, the more I fight the faster these hounds of hell now come—approaching the speed of a train; like a thick tar, my skin was burning under the force of this giant paste, as soon as my head was under I was gone and so I began to fall, to sink lower and lower into the darkest ebb of this noxious pool…the beast has lured me to the calm waters of a vast and glassy lake. Is it now Morpheus I am drinking from or Lethe? And all at once I was then in awe, I had but stumbled, by accident into the treasure trove of splendour; into the womb of this ancient goddess. The tri—syllabled heaven, I am loathe to describe it in  accurate detail—there were no words to describe the beauty which befell me as I gazed upon this Innocent’s face.  The cascade, the wonder—sheer delight! Now in the waterfall; that began deep in the valley of this ancient magnificent creature… I nervously began to plunder her secrets for my own sinful, regretful life, waking in the dawn of the future night, the treasure’s had left now nothing but a  reason to cry, to die for, mourn such is the image of another dating disaster… What strange dark place, infested in despair, am I forsaken to now, unknowingly have I come forward to this palace of night, where are we, what is this place?”


Will couldn’t help but notice they way her jaw bone tightened when she was concentrating. A few locks of blonde hair had fallen over one side of her face and he could barely fiht the urge to brush it to one side and kiss her lips. He had never felt passion for a person, like this before. He just wanted to take her on that already guilt-stained couch and fuck for eternity.


     “In flash and thunder fire; I was torn away, floating on a vast glassy lake, no, wait I was not floating I was in a boat, in the boat there was a man, that man that had mocked, whence… I had soon found myself on a road, there was the strangest scent on the breeze, and there of in the distance I could see golden, iron gates, the gates were beaming in the moonlight, it was hypnotic the glare that they gave off, so of course I followed. Along the road I walked; again I heard a howling, an incurable howling, I could not escape it, yet I somehow did not want to; I suddenly felt the slimy, leathery hand, that was more a paw than it was a hand. Standing on the platform, awaiting the steel cold serpent, to idle up to his spot, muffled message; dangling, squinting and fumbling modifiers as the brainless hordes assemble into the belly of the long dragon, flying, soaring through the cavernous labyrinth underneath where monster’s live and where charity is most needed. Finds his home; craves to rest for eternity Wanting nothing more than to be in the arms of his wasted memories. Dead and gone his family now, no monuments to them by local ordinance is allowed Monuments nil memories galore.  Memories come to you in the night when you are fighting for sanity, for hope, for the precious thing of all hope, that can’t be taken by city functionaries or by the law; in the end aren’t politician’s pimps and ourselves whores? Collecting thoughts of the world at large, running away from the present, thanks to the white coated man now live a life free of responsibilities…in a puddle on the floor, teasing them with food and then allowing the burning of the thirst… Distant memories of when life was right when she was by his side an had three kids to love, to feed and to fight for, but now there was none of that here there was just fact, cold—harsh facts of life, No-wonder we are like we are! I looked up and saw three heads, three female heads looking down upon me, as if they were conjoined triplets, they spoke and moved in a comical display of unison. Sipping from a  brown burnt cup Lying in a Walking along the tight rope of life…. I can’t walk straight, wobbling knees, staggering breath.  Can’t they see that I am slowly dying, every ounce of strength.  In my body I must use to breathe…My life is a perpetual a tree, a tree with mangled and dying roots. The bacteria and the disease that rides on the coattails of oxygen, that I love, live for so much. Some one, I forget whom, once did ask me, what in the world do I  crave the most?  sheet of wax shrouded by the scent of another night of sin, living a lie, everyday dying.  Trying too hard, giving of me too much.  This is not what life should be about I feel it in my blood don’t you? The pain of another good days’ work today is the like no—other this time, this day I  pray I do not waver feel it cut in my joints the cold harsh hiss of relief—rejoice! Almost on the verge of leaving; what will I be remembered fro? The sweet embrace of night, of the dark; no hope in the sun—dawn in the morn I pray that it works and that it fails! Accepting what had happened to him, he had no choice but to enter down a path as deep as hell,  down a dungeon he knows quite well This question, perplexed me.Too this I could only reply, the contentment of belonging.

The contentment of belonging, is all I seek.Happiness and love is all that I need.What is wrong with that? I see so many figures, silhouetted by the street lamps, holding hands, standing there, standing nearby their love. The sun shines, through half closed Venetians. Tears begin to swell in my eyes. The moon has shed the confides of the clouds, the tides come back onto the shore. We are lying naked on the beach, suddenly a wave of emotions, runs the gauntlet of my body….I begin too feel the contentment of belonging…My chest is tight, I feel like I’m going to die.I see, the cold, grey building blocking out the sun, impaling the sky. Fuck, I gotta live. Fuck, I gotta leave, I just wanna jump in a car and go. My thoughts are killing me, my brain deceiving I have to escape  the city. He wants nothing more than to join them; his arms and his neck show scars of failed, botched and half—planned attacks; jumping from a beam, noose around his neck and it broke the beam, he fell to the ground, broke three bones and bruised two ribs… No—one gives him a seat, he stands up, his body wreaking of cabbage, onions and stale urine; he can taste all of the cigarettes that he swallowed, along with the ashtray—he is holding on to the railing above, his hand slipping—his body shaking, he is freezing despite the thick coat he wears, his pale skin is growing an orangey yellow hint about it. Soon the great beast will cease—soon he will have to open the cold metallic iron, metal, plastic and Perspex door—gateway. A country, an island I can never return to. Bitter sweet memories, of romances and heart breaking rendezvous’ that never actually happened. Darkness is rising within my heart. The horned beast is coming soon. I must act. I need blood. I need flesh. I need blood I need flesh. I can hear the voices. The darkness is rising. I know they want to her. I know they want what I want. I know what yearn for what I am burning for. I need her flesh. As do they. Cavĕ! Cavĕ! Horenda facta hominum. Cavĕ! Cavĕ!veritatem quae intus eventa sit Cavĕ! Cavĕ!”

“Well Doctor what do you think we should do?

“You are asking me? I thought you had all the answers?’

                Fucking bitch. Just wouldn’t let up on him now.

“Doctor…where is she now? Where is Mary?”

“She is in the isolation ward for observation…why?”

“I think maybe we should get her now and the get the fuck out of here and hide”.

“What you think she is in danger…”

“I have no idea. All I know there is something fucked up going on here and the only way I can control this situation, is by us not being. For us to escape to anywhere. And see what happens  on the dawn…”

“You mean like an experiment. Group A group B: control group…”

“Yeah that’s it. If we can put her in a positive environment, feeling love and warmth maybe all this will end”.

“But won’t that be difficult to do that tonight?”

“I don’t know. You work here not me”.

“I don’t  have that kinda access at night. I would need a bar-code read, and I need three or four signatures to get her out…”

“Well that puts the breaks on that fucking idea then doesn’t it”.

“Maybe we could just go and see her then?”

  “What you mean right now”

  “Yes why not. It’s easy I can get you down to see her”.

  “It’s rather a little redundant don’t you think?”

  “Why is it redundant?”

  “Because it’s a waste of an opportunity. If you are going to do something you have to do it properly”.

    “Anyone ever tell you…you have a lot of pent up hostility towards him in authorative positions?”

          Fuck I have been so waiting for this shit to start…did I put up with it or give it back…

          “Anyone ever tell you…you’re a nosy bitch?”

                Bravo! That is constructive. Great one man. Fucking Hell.

     “If you don’t mind me asking…are you heterosexual or gay?”

                  Oh great this is going to help us a lot.

       “Are you hitting on me Doctor?”

    “So I see there are possible sexuality issues. Over-compensation, in your professional environment, usually points out blatant homosexuality, after-hours yes?”

     “No”. Tried to remain as bored and disinterested as possible, “listen Doc, do you really start this kinda thing now. We do have a lot of work to do…”

    “Why are you blocking? Are you threatened by women in power…do you like us all to submit to your every whim?”

       What a stupid shrink. This is all she has to talk about? “We have a job to do Doctor. We have to save a little girl and find out why this Hospital, Women’s refuge, is very rapidly  becoming the cheapest abattoir in town…”

“That is a very interesting analogy…do you consider sexual encounters, an act of cannibalism?”

“What are you fucking talking about, now you Quack?”

“Are you single now?”

“That is a question of relativity”.

“How can that be?Are you single or not?”

“I guess you would say I am single without the need for a break up or an explanation”.


“I see so you are hiding the truth and your own perception of what happened, with psychological barrier being put to shield you from the extent of psycho-spiritual pain that was caused by this break up; and you are having problems trying to identify again as an alpha male, while you are still exhibiting all the symptoms of Beta-male syndrome. Hiding self-esteem and super-ego together behind a wall of self-wallowing?”

“In that case Doctor.  I am also having major issues with the entire buzz-word complex you seem to have developed”.

But I would like to point out that, you’ve made some assumptions and drawn some conclusions that are off base. I think you should hold off on those until you’ve gathered more data. It seems juvenile and disruptive on your behalf, I feel, that youhave place so much emphsais on my self-esteem being injured, when I can assure there is nothing wrong with my self-esteem.


“I think you’re confusing self esteem with ego.”

“I’d say there’s a very fine line between the two, if any. Regardless, both my ego and my self esteem are quite healthy.”

“Rather than debate that, let’s move on. Why do you blame women for your abandonment issues?”

“Where is all of this coming from? Or is this a coping mechanism you have installed in yourself?I do feel abandoned. I’m not sure I blame anyone..though. Most of the female members of family are still alive. They all live interstate. But, I don’t feel that they have abandoned me at all…should be talking about this bullshit now. We do have other major pressing concerns Doctor”.

“So possible Daddy-abandonment complex then?”


“Stopping hiding behind the phallic symbol of your gun and the vaginal/womb like symbol of your badge. Officer”.

“I am not hiding behind anything…why do you Shrink always go to the crotch every time?”

“It’s hard to tell from your response whether you’ve got your feelings of loss under control or you just aren’t ready to deal with them yet. I’m sure we’ll clarify that as we go on. Let’s talk about your relationships, over the last few years?”

Is this crazy woman for real? Is this here fucked up way of flirting? What the fuck is her problem?

They spoke at nauseating length about his past relationships. Good ones and bad ones. Most of them probably were bad ones. He spoke about his relationship with Sarah, the woman he was with for four years before Emma. Though, on thinking about it now, Sarah and Emma were both, the same kind of crazy. He spoke about Sarah and his encounters. Especially the early ones.  The first time in her office, when he’d surprised her by giving her a spanking instead of having sex with her, the second time when he invited her best friend over to his house, and Sarah and her both, at first seemed to scare her away with role-playing actions. And finally scaring Sarah, herself, with quasi-Satanic rite role-playing that turned out to be their last encounter. She commented on the slaughter-house metaphor he had used as a joke earlier. And kept running with this idea.

“Have you ever forced yourself on to a woman Detective?”

“I wouldn’t have said forced by signals have been mis-interpreted , at times. We are all guilty of that”.

“That is such a man’s answer”.

“You think I haven’t been called a sexist before? Or a misogynist? I’m a cop…I get called a Marxist by some, a fascist by most. Racist. Anti-woman. Anti-free speech blah blah…i have never raped anyone in my life. What is the point of having sex if only one person is getting relief, isn’t that just masturbation? Mind you…women like yourself I would wager good money you would be into a bit of bondage. A bit of S n M…”

“Really why do you say that?”

Arrogant. Overly confident prick what fucking nerve does he to speak to me like that. He is a piece of shit.

“Because Doctor. You are completely sexist”.

“Excuse me?”

He is a piece of shit.

“You can’ t tell me that women, these days, are not sexist towards men. It’s like saying no Black person treats White people with racist overtones…we all do. It’s human nature.

She was trying to hide her anger. Her distaste of what he had said. Though he was fairly accurate in some of his ideas. There was no way in Hell that she could allow him to gt away with that.

                “Oh let me guess. Coz I am a powerful, therefore in the bedroom I must dominate and control the man I am with?”

“No. Actually I find it the exact opposite. I have met many women who are strong, confident and powerful in their careers, yet in the bedroom they are very submissive. I don’t think there is really any hidden meaning behind it. I just think people like what they like, no matter who they are”.

“So we have penis envy is that it? Is it Detective…the voice of the modern Australian male…all powerful women; want a good man to dominate them?”

“No. I just think some people like it. Some people don’t it’s all about getting the balance right really…

“So you turned sex with Sarah  into an ongoing ritual of symbolized cannibalism?”

“I guess you could run with that analogy Doc…maybe…However, isn’t it a bit ironic you making that claim about ritualized cannibalism here and now?”

“And how did it make you feel?”

“ I guess at those times. It made me feel powerful. It made me feel like I was able to find pleasure constantly from female compainonship”.

“I find it a rather disturbing metaphor. It suggests you view women as a commodity to be consumed.”

“You’re a Catholic, aren’t you?”

“My religion or lack thereof, is hardly relevant at this junction, Detective….But, I used to be Catholic…why what about you?”


“Laxed Catholic as well…but, in this place, here and now, you have referred to the cannibalistic act, several times, and I find that very odd, considering some of the things that have been going on in this institution over the last few days…and to take your own metaphor further, would you consider Jesus Christ to be a consumable commodity?”


“It’s not the same thing. That is hardly fair. Though I can’t really say that I can believe in a God that allows so much misery and pain in the world, especially to the innocents.

“I shouldn’t really say that I am laxed Catholic. That would remain that I believe in a God. Or any God. I agree with you there. That would mean that I can look the other way. I’ve been a Cop too long not realize how fucked up this world is. There are no innocents anymore. Never has been. However, back to your point about ritual cannibalism and Christ, I agree. I was with a real flesh and blood person. No transubstantiation, at all. No doubting Thomas, no pentecostal flame, no being betrayal by the one I loved the most when the cock crows three times. Do you really want to debate which is more disturbing?”

I can’t believe I just started saying all this shit to him? He must think  I am a real feminist, man-hating bitch. Shit. Where is all this coming from?

“Have you ever loved anyone you have fucked Will?”

“Isn’t that all just another relative question?”

“So you don’t believe in love? Wow that is unusual for a male…not!

“That is not fair from you. How can anyone believe in anything anymore? It’s almost humanly impossible to believe in anything, anyone, anymore, wouldn’t you agree?”

“There is proof positive that emotional responses. Emotional discharges through sexual relations, the eating of fatty foods, going to sporting events, do create a chemical release in the human body, that many people, associate with love. But, how can there be love or God in this world? Who can faith in a world like ours? Just look at what the church has done to itself. To its own support base?”

Will had to agree with her. She was absolutely. Right. Yet Will was never one to follow anything blindly. He was not a man that the glass was full or half empty. To him, the glass was Half and half.  He regarded her face, her beautiful smile. Her bewitching eyes. He wanted her. He wanted to take her in his arms and have her right there and then on the desk, or even on the guilt stained couch. Just as he was about to make his move. He surprised himself, with what was going over in his head. He was the average dumb Copper. But he wasn’t an intellectual at by any stretch of the imagination.  He walked up to her and then sprouted his words, that he was sure wasn’t his own, but had been breathed into him. He mouthed the words, almost, and the voice, the thought was of someone, something else.   “Though, even being a non-believer, my faith can be shaken sometimes. Sometimes good does the most peculiar thing and actually shows up and saves the day. Helps the lost child, find her way back. A brutal, abusive father, has the realization of the monster he is. Sometimes, the courts charge the guilty, the innocent is saved…some strange miracles do actually happen. And occasionally you see a small ray of light in the shadows. Darkness hides for an hour, and you find yourself in that most terrible, horrific state of mind, hoping. Once you have hope, you start believing the most outrageous things can be true. And that is when the true horrors of the soul, begin. Hope is dangerous. You lose all sight of reality, all sanity, you start fighting against all odds. You have to see the thing through, right to the bitter bloody end. It’s like a  virus. A disease. The never give up, never surrender attitude. You start reaching for the sun, when once all you did upon the dawn, was reach for the bottle. Hope drives a man insane. Maybe that is what God or divinity is? I don’t know. I’m just a simple man. But, if I think about it…I know evil exists. I have seen it so many times before…so maybe, by a series of logical, rational arguments, if Evil exists then maybe the Good, the divine has to exist as well…maybe, just maybe…maybe that is the nature of Love. Goodness. Yet, love drives us all so mad. Love can make you, break you, give you strength that you never thought possible. And pain, so unbelievable, that you beg someone to put their hand inside your chest and wrench out that organ, that pumps blood all around your body, just as easily as makes you love someone, someone love you…and the cruelest of fates befall you. Love does not burn out like a breath over a match. It fades, quickly, but fades like that memory, that name of a song you hear on the radio, but takes all day to remember, or the name of the baker who had his shop on the main street corner, when you were a kid. But, now is an apartment block. So you say I don’t know what love is, nor have ever felt it…I put to you that if you can discuss love in a rational and stable way. If you can define what love is…you can accept it , rationally and calmly when it leaves then maybe you have never really felt it before.”

She was taken aback but this thoroughly cogent argument from a Cop, of all people a Cop came up with this.

“Not exactly the average Cop on the beat,  now are you?”

They looked at each other silently for what seemed forever. He stepped closer. She followed. Next thing they knew they were entangled with each other on the desk. Everything thrown on the ground.

She ripped open his dressing gown, as he did the same to her lab coat, her blouse and her jacket.  As they  fooled around, he grabbed the belt from his dressing gown and tied her wrists together she purred she wasn’t expecting this. He explored her body with his tongue. He licked and kissed along her jaw, softly down her neck she moaned slightly. As their mouths embraced. Their tongues dancing over each other’s tongues. He kissed down her neck. He found the glorious valley between her breasts and began to lick and suck, as he slid out of his pajama bottoms. He continued to explore her body with his fingers and his tongue. They were both naked now. She  felt  tingling between her legs as Will  began tracing his tongue up her legs. His soft lips leaving a small trail of kisses up her inner thighs as he grew closer and closer to her cunt. His lips gently floated over her wet, waiting pussy lips, as he softly touched them with his tongue.  His tongue slid over her moist pussy lips, barely penetrating her…She was trying to fight him. Her legs were moving all over the place. Trying to kick him. He wasn’t sure whether she was overplaying everything for effect, he thought of letting her go, but that look upon her face, as her eyes told him to continue.

Will Minos didn’t know what had come over him. He was never like this. This isn’t/wasn’t the kind of thing he would normally do. He was attracted to Adriane. But this was not how he normally did things. He felt sick as he forced himself on this woman, as he dominated her. Yet, he enjoyed the sensation. He enjoyed the control. The feeling of being a God. Maybe she was right. Maybe he did think women were subservient. He didn’t know. He didn’t care what he thought right now. He was too busy fucking this woman the way she seemed to be enjoying it.  He was still tracing his tongue, lazily across  her pussy lips with his tongue. She wanted to grab him by the back of the head and pull him hard against her throbbing sex. But try as she might, the bonds tying her hands together  just wouldn’t budge. She began to squeal with delight as he grabbed her clit between his lips and began flicking his tongue rapidly over her sensitive little nub.

Her released her clit and called her name… “Adriane. Adriane.”.  He was engorged. He was ready to enter her. To fuck her like she had never been fucked before.

“You, sir, are a disgrace!” She yelled loudly. “Do you think every woman is here for your pleasure?

“Not every woman…but right now, I would say that you are”.

He entered her. She winced, grimaced and then smiled. He placed his hand over her eyes and nose. So she could only see breathe through her mouth. In her mind, she could the blackness of space. Fires and volcanoes. Her heart was beating like an Earthquake churning, underground. She locked her legs around his back and arse for support.  Neither of them noticed Mary Jane was sitting next to them on the table. Her dark eyes had become blank, milky pools of glass. Then they darkened into mirrors. Electricity was burning from her eyes, as the two lovers continued their kinky display of pleasure.


About jameswfrobertsdapoet

Emerging Poet and Writer. From Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. I present a show called Crazy Talk/Word Berserk, on www.phoenixfm.org.because I believe in what Phoenix has to offer. No where else will you get the diversity of Gospel, Country music shows, Koori themed shows and Poetry and Experimental music? My father, Bryan did a show on 3CCC in the 1980’s called the Keyboard Hour for a bout 8 years, until he died. That is partly why I joined Phoenix but mainly it’s because of the diversity we offer people and also I really do feel that we are an important vehicle, an important voice for the Community at Large. My interests are Poetry, Literature, Music, Movies, Cultural Awareness and Philosophical pursuits. My show is basically a Late Night Radio Show for Artists, Poets, Musicians and Creative Thinkers of all types to come and inform, enjoy, entertain and inspire each other. So join me and my guests from the local Artistic Community to be inspired, to be entertained and informed
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