Mistress Muse:

The Theft of the Poet’s Soul!

James W. ‘Wolf’ F. Roberts


All alone in the night,
Almost losing my will to fight—
My slowly dying heart
Lying in a cesspool
Of my own softening, decaying brain

I hear the dark creatures stirring

I hear the thrusting—thumping of my heart

Deafening the sound of inner-city life

The moon is shinning

Coldly—morose light

Her promise of evil, evil delight

The night, the night

The sweet tender kiss

The sweet embracing blade that tears a hole

In my corpulent—corrupt soul

Lying soft on a rose petal’d bed—

Her are cold like the wind’s first harsh kiss of winter…

Body is warm like hell fire

Giving to me her all—

Giving into the bitterness that comes with forgotten first kiss—

This erotic evening for and me—

To which for an eternity had planned

As my crumbles into her every demand

Yes, I so longingly, so lovingly give in to each and every demand


Her skin like milk her body I don’t dare touch

Unless she forces me at pain to taste

My soul was once mine now it has been sold

From her touch, her kiss and her love, I shall not now grow old

Her eyes glow red in this pitch black room

With a smile on her so to seal my fate—my own doom

Her nails so sharp as she scrapes down my chest—

Now all I can do is feel the harsh hiss of my blood splattered over her face

Trickling down her succulent breast

We shared our gifts—my words—her tantalizing sex

In the passion of this fire; taste so, so sweet that we both now desire

* * *
I awake! Every night I see her face in the candle’s flame,

Ironically all I have ever wanted to her true purpose and her name! 

But, I know right there and then—

We were meant to be

One—true love

Two bodies entwining in one mind

Two souls embracing one spirit, one heart, one will

She has gone, she is always gone by the dawning sunlight

Our lust increases a hundred fold by the firelight—

I pursued the unicorn so far a field trapped in a time warp

Lost in the realm of my own self-conscious

I pursued that unicorn with diligence and grace

Perseverance that none too many showed


She retreated at every turn

She stalks me now, she stalks

Me like a lioness and a gazelle

When she bites within her prey I the victim, she the thrill of the kill

Me praying to end this hunt, she for the hunt and it thrill!

She fed off my innocence of feeling

And intolerable grief and longing

And that feeling of disgusting dread!

My innocence of love, my naivety of lust!

To her nothing but fodder for her bloodlust


I opened my arms to her,

My suspicious nature to her was blind!

Until she showed me the mirror

And no reflection of her of me showed in kind

It was her, her first lead me without no regrets!

She pierced my skin, me just longing for her heart!

Our wounding of each other, so, so deep

That the blood would  not, could not stop!

We kept our lips and bodies close, so tightly shut,

Would linger over every drop!


A whole new world, I couldn’t see, until she opened my eyes,

Depraved revelations that almost sent me blind!
Then she speak to me and calls my name…

“In the darkness, do you hear me softly calling
that noise that makes you surely cry, come to me and you’ll never die!”

Tomorrow my life will soon pass by
and nobody will know just how or why
I’ll never feel the sadness
I’ll never feel the pain
I’ll never know just how much I may have gained
Why should I hurt so much for so little?
My life could change?
I may make a difference ?
I could make you smile?
I know it couldn’t…

I who hath loved so many

Had never been given what I truly wanted

A heart, a beautiful sacred, loving heart!
In return t’was I that hath given nothing back but pain and hurt
Will you ever forgive me for the choice I’ve made…?


I sat down in my sacred caved, for you yes I longed for babe!

I searched deep!

The deepest, darkest depths of my soul

I saw that evil that lieth there within!

My desires, my dreams, and my fears
The three are one, and that was she!

My heart  burns at night, over and over again, crying out for your embrace!

That embrace that I am afraid of and yet I am longing for!

I retreat now into the night! To hide not you

It is not you or her that I fear, my loved and truly dear…

That feeling that burns within me that is what I mostly fear!

Oh how I long to once again look upon your face,

Those hazel, blue green Emerald eyes that swirl and twist and mesmerize!


Look within your memory and tell me what you now see?

There is a feeling in me that I know can never, ever lie…

Those true feelings that I have tried and tried to but, but they never hide!
When I see your pain it saddens me, come back, come to me

And you will find what is waiting for you, what your longing for

A love true and waiting that will always be true, waiting for you and you alone my

Immortal beloved!


But, do you know that secret pains that burns within my crumbling soul!

For it’s you that I secretly burn,

But in order for you to be free and pursue all of your sacred, magical, empowered goals I had to let you be

And if that meant never again, together alone will we be…

Than so be it

Mistress muse,

My dominatrix, look at what you’ve done to me

Mistress muse

Mistress muse

What is this that now has control over all of me?


About jameswfrobertsdapoet

Emerging Poet and Writer. From Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. I present a show called Crazy Talk/Word Berserk, on www.phoenixfm.org.because I believe in what Phoenix has to offer. No where else will you get the diversity of Gospel, Country music shows, Koori themed shows and Poetry and Experimental music? My father, Bryan did a show on 3CCC in the 1980’s called the Keyboard Hour for a bout 8 years, until he died. That is partly why I joined Phoenix but mainly it’s because of the diversity we offer people and also I really do feel that we are an important vehicle, an important voice for the Community at Large. My interests are Poetry, Literature, Music, Movies, Cultural Awareness and Philosophical pursuits. My show is basically a Late Night Radio Show for Artists, Poets, Musicians and Creative Thinkers of all types to come and inform, enjoy, entertain and inspire each other. So join me and my guests from the local Artistic Community to be inspired, to be entertained and informed
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  1. Em says:

    Oops, trying to upload a Wordle. Try this link:

  2. What does that have to do with the poem i posted? Or do you mean coz mistress and muse are in the banne?

    • Em says:

      It’s a wordle… you paste the poem into a box, and it picks out the most used words, and generates this arty banner, with word size reflecting word frequency in the poem. I made this one from your poem. They’re handy for the background to a facebook timeline, or just as a fun experiment… you could paste your entire works in there, and see which words come up most often. Anyway, here’s the site:

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