Eternal Recurrence: A Prophecy?


Eternal Recurrence:


A Prophecy?


James WF Roberts


Dancing to the Rhythm of the roaring Fire

Lounging in the midst of the possibilities

Of the endings so soon unveiled

Rusted brass in pocket

Still means you sleep rough tonight!

Tonight, as families Sleep soundly in Beds

Air-conditioning and the Constant flash and

Spark of the never ending SMS

Here the two of us Lie

In the echoes of the Whispers of the night;

Reading from the stories of Old


Surrounded by Oaks, Pines, Gum trees

Illuminated in the Centre of Town

He walked along the rusty ground

Where once his vines and crops

Would grow as high as the sun in the sky,

Deep as the bitterness of a Winter’s night

Through the field of ashen soil his feet trapped

In the blanket of dirt and dust

And on the fiery wind, his eyes did weep

Blood and tears and sleet;

Drifting in his mind,

Like a watch spring that unwinds

As soon as you set the time

On the fencepost he passes the scales

Of inequity and passionless embraces

Shrouded in the mysteries of the night

I thought I heard you laughing

As you danced unaware, uncaring for your surrounds

In the middle of the street; dancing to the rhythm of the night

As your stained and well loved brown cowboy boots

Broke a heel as you trampled on the hopes of a buffoon…

Running now like a rat in a cage

Lost in the gentle kiss of the almost dawning day

Lying on a laundry basket

Of sordid used, abused, romantic clichés

There the dreams of the night-before, falls

At the way-side

My lips like three day old black coffee

Your scent like the sweet lingering

Taste of a sun-kissed red wine;

The glass an ocean, yet an island of clarity

The elixir, the murky depths of chaos and sorrow

The last troubadours of the old school Romantics

Sit lizard like shooting up on the words that have

Lingered throughout history, like the echoes of

Grandfather time, to Godmother Fate!

Her ears closed

His words muffled!

Drowning in this river of sentimental,

Sacramental offerings of the flesh;

The Priestess burns plaid of her hair

Hoping that the new day will dawn…

Marshmallow embraces as clockwork bankers

Businessmen cluck and gulp at my chosen profession;

With wallets like flyswats foreclosures bring on erections

Profits come and go, plunge and surge; all the same

Tis not the reward but how they gamble and lose on their games

Ooh how noble art thou?

They’re only orgasm comes from the self-perpetuation

Of a never ending monetary cycle!

Inside—outward masks

One Demonic—chaotic pure and true

The other hiding peace, the ravages of fear

Anxiety and disbelief…

I had dreamt that in the night,

I died in the arms of the vulture of indiscretion

Slouching n the arms of doubt the body of time and space

Are the birds falling to the dusk?

Just the echoes of life in physical form

Spirits—energy lost in the forests of progress…


And there she sat next to me

Sipping by the gallon

From the tree of knowledge

All manner of misery, comedy, history

Tragedy is nothing the same

As the cutting of the vein

Through the dreamscape canopy…

Lying on a soft silken bed

Gazing at the pleasure dome before me

Ever—constant; worlds one dark, one rising

All over the place

And then inside the world,

May we all be undone

I dreamed a dream of me and you

The cruelest word in the world is love

The hint of desire, the whisper of hate

The decline of passion, all par for the course

When you turn to face the door!

At six o’clock

My head was in the dock,

Waiting, yearning for the Axe to come down

Down on the promise of ‘If; or ‘When’

Was that a look in your eye that

Desperately you’re trying to hide?

The very thought of you fueled me through the night

Bar to bar, club to club, drink from drink

Standing out in Siberian Summer winds

Covered in soot, dirt, the grit of the streets

Puppet butterflies floating on the air

We laugh and point and stare

As he screams out in the crowded market place

To the Demons only he can see…

Does that make them any less real?

Smoking in the gutter as the trail for which path to take

We pass each other in the street

Fuck, why do those eyes look oh so familiar?

And I hear you sing

The joyous song of new discoveries

The promises of life and death;

Burn out in the faint lines of a kiss

As golden children swam

In the crystal waters of the world

And there she sat next to me

Sipping by the gallon

From the tree of knowledge

All manner of misery, comedy, history

Tragedy is nothing the same

As the cutting of the vein

With the wine like

Smoothness of warmhearted glow

Hand on hand;

Touching, fucking, thinking, rejoicing

That we are both alive

Tonight the world begins anew

Dreams and butterflies,

Fears and potential shall

Now all collide…

The last memory of us together

Trapped in a frozen state

Melting from the steam

Of a forgotten kiss…

What was your name?

Can we now recognize this game?

Tomorrow, tomorrow

What was the reason

For all of this sorrow?

If I played by the rules,

Would any of this

Have been allowed?

Why not today?

Why was it yesterday?

Why not now?

Why not now?

Am I too scared to face death

Or is it life we’re all frightened of?

Behind the mask is there just flesh and blood

Or this a warm glowing light?

Or eternal, infernal strife?

Answer me please, anyone, anyone

Life and death

Tragedy and triumph, why now

Does it seem to me,

That they more than anything

Define us, as whom we are,

Define the difference between you and me

And the mountain and the see

And on the journey into the cave of delight

Isolated ideologies and strange lurid leanings to the might

Of hate and desperation


Joyless nights

Tempered with the realm of possibilities

And on the fiery wind, his eyes did weep

Blood and tears and sleet…



About jameswfrobertsdapoet

Emerging Poet and Writer. From Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. I present a show called Crazy Talk/Word Berserk, on I believe in what Phoenix has to offer. No where else will you get the diversity of Gospel, Country music shows, Koori themed shows and Poetry and Experimental music? My father, Bryan did a show on 3CCC in the 1980’s called the Keyboard Hour for a bout 8 years, until he died. That is partly why I joined Phoenix but mainly it’s because of the diversity we offer people and also I really do feel that we are an important vehicle, an important voice for the Community at Large. My interests are Poetry, Literature, Music, Movies, Cultural Awareness and Philosophical pursuits. My show is basically a Late Night Radio Show for Artists, Poets, Musicians and Creative Thinkers of all types to come and inform, enjoy, entertain and inspire each other. So join me and my guests from the local Artistic Community to be inspired, to be entertained and informed
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19 Responses to Eternal Recurrence: A Prophecy?

  1. ~Lady Day says:

    Wow…you write insane amazing!

  2. ~Lady Day says:

    Do you have a specific link of this recitation…I watched one of yours the other day, not knowing it was you…so if you have a recording…I would so love to link it onto my site…and it would be a great intro of your work too to my readers. Truly an honour, because I had seen your recitation the other day..crazy.:)

      • ~Lady Day says:

        I guess I have to sign up? Ick technology…by the time I learn it all, I’ll be dead

      • NO! we are a community radio station in Bendigo, Australia….just click on the link on the site to listen to station add me on facebook if you like so ican tell you more details. it’s 3:45pm now where i am and my radio show starts at 11:30pm

      • ~Lady Day says:

        ok that’s 6:30 am my time…I will try to figure out the way to post the link and everything for my readers…but it’s short notice…too bad…but some east coasters will be up…8:30 am for them:) You’re awesome! K…I’m going to start a post…what can I tell my readers about you…

      • look up on facebook the poets catherine zickgraf and blaze mcrobb they will tell you all you need to know about me or jsut use my profile from here

      • ~Lady Day says:

        I am still in the process of getting myself on FB…when I’m up and running I will definately. I’ve posted a new page on everything…double checking it, and if you want any other pieces they are yours. Go ahead and read through the post and let me know if it looks right to you. I am off to bed right away…almost 1 am here:)

      • Look up James WF Roberts on facebook

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