Social Engineering and Indoctrination…Some fragmented ideas…

Life is funny sometimes I had this great blog I was writing about social engineering and indoctrination. About the loss of imagination and the corrupt nature of the contemporary world. Yet something has made stop writing it. Or at least put it to one side. But suddenly now I have feeling I should shut my trap. I just got a cold shudder and a feeling of suspicion in my ownt thoughts. Self-doubt maybe and mistrust. But anyway maybe I should post these fragments…I eventually want to turn all of these ideas into a philosophical treatise on the modern world and human perception of the world in which we inhabit. And maybe a look at the supposed new metaphysics…the Quantum physical argument…but anyway here this goes. I figure I should post this after spending all night and over three thousand words on it.

Social Engineering and Childhood Indoctrination.

James WF Roberts

NOTE: This is the beginning of a larger social construction I am working on. This is basically the framework of several poems, short stories and a novel I am working on

NB: Please note this article was written by the aforementioned owner and author of his Blog. I do not represent any News Media or governmental organization at this time. These are my own views, I am not trying to tell anyone that their way of life, or view point in bringing up their children is either correct or incorrect, I am just voicing my own views…and these views have been circling in my mind for a number of years. I am posting this warning before people read the article below. So people know what they’re getting into and can’t really complain…that they didn’t know what this was going to be about. But, I do hope people complain, well at least this starts a conversation.


This is going to be a strange post. You may not like what I have to say, but these things have been bugging me constantly for several years. And I guess because I don’t have children of my own, than I may upset a few people with this article. But, sometimes we have to do things that are unpleasant in life. I do have contact with kids, I have three wonderful nephews and three beautiful nieces from a sister and a brother, and my other sister is expecting her first child. And I have a few very close friends that have young children, plus many cousins and second cousins who are still fairly young.

But, something really grates on me. It really burns me up and I will be talking about it a bit later in this post. I was diagnosed, as an adult with being on the Autism spectrum. Having a mild form of Asperger’s Syndrome, and possibly being on the Borderline personality disorder, though I do have friends involved in psychology and genetics who think that is not an entirely accurate hypothesis, but again we will approach this later.

I was a witness to a very strange phenomenon that happened to me, well rather around me, today when I was in an Internet Café in Bendigo right now. Either 10 years old swear and talk about pussy more than men my age group at the pub, or these two kids on my right are fast learners. I swear I have heard F coming out of these kid’s mouths for the last twenty minutes. They are on Face book…how is that possible? Quotes from the last few minutes. There has got to be a poem here or two…’DON’T LIKE HER SHE IS FUGLY. I’ll add her sister. She has a good rack…I’ve the hots for her. I’d tap her…WTF? Sorry I don’t normally use WTF..but I mean Holy God in Hell.

I could hear them say, “wow look how important I am. All these friend requests”. One is texting on an iphone at the same time and I keep thinking what the Hell is wrong with the world. Kids swearing and talking about how hot a girl is not a shock. I mean apparently many boys used to find their dad’s porno mags at primary school and high-school and brag about it and show them around…except for me I guess I wasn’t part of the cool kids, so I was always told to go stand back in my spot…that is another story. And my father died when I was six so I had no father to swipe porn off and my older brother was grown up and moved out by then. But, anyway that is not the issue. Puberty does begin early in a lot of kids and we all hear and see things, when are parents don’t know we are paying attention. The mind of a child, the eyes, their soul, are still formulating how to see the world, how to create their own image of themselves into that world…the kids are openly talking as they type next to me “ do you have skype…send me a pic”. My heart is breaking when I hear them doing this…it sounds like they are talking to girls they go to school with…but what if they aren’t? One of them must have an older brother with them now or something, cause I can hear him say, “why did you write that shit on there. Get rid of it”. “I didn’t…etc. Etc. So welcome to the world we live in…iphones, ipads, virtual reality, none of it is geared at adults or even teenagers with disposable income—I still can’t figure that out, as I was once a teenager I can’t remember wasting money on phone credit…or buying a CD…or an I tunes track we used to tape it off the radio or save up and buy the CD or get it Christmas or birthdays…

And, to my horror I realize that this isn’t his older brother. It’s his father. I don’t know whether he is an access-only Dad or just very permissive, or just don’t know what his kid(s) do online. If he is not very computer savvy how would he know in the first place? I just look at these kids and I wonder, where has their childhood gone? I could understand them I think, if they were playing Call of Duty, or World Of Warcraft, or Left 4 Dead (first person shooter Zombie game, I am ashamed to say I am secretly hooked on). But, being devotee’s of social media at such an early age, surely this has to have some sort of psychological and emotional detriment, further down the line? We are already living in a world where it seems if someone in the schoolyard is getting the crap beaten out of them by a group of bullies, that out number them 3:1 and there is a mob around them watching, cheering on, taking photos and videos and posting them on the Internet. But, really let’s face up to the fact that if we had that technology at the same age, we would do the exact same thing. Adolescents and teenagers have no self-control, nor should they. They are not mature adults, they have no understanding of responsibility—look at the six o’clock news—most adults have no damn self-control these days either

A few weeks ago, a rather startling thing happened on the train back to Bendigo, from Melbourne. I was tired and on my way back from one of the several poetry readings/open mic nights I usually try to attend, if not to perform, to listen and watch some of the up and coming performers and some of the more established ones. Reading the paper on the train, I am always obnoxious and by the Age or the Australian, a tight, confined compartment on public transport is always good for a huge Broadsheet newspaper. I was reading about the crisis after crisis after crisis being dumped all over Gillard and her government(nothing new there). Some teenagers, no more than seventeen, but maybe they were young adults, 18-21 or something were moaning and groaning about politics and religion, I thought, hmmn this could be an interesting conversation to listen in on. All it was time and time again, “religion had power. They lost it. It’s time to give up. It’s time to die and let Us’ (whoever Us might be) “we have the Internet. We have technology we have science…we know the truth. They were all dumb”. Then like some socialist chorus line, his mates chimed in, “murdering, raping women and boys throughout history. Burning women at the stake”. And then the last young man spoke, “ I saw this guy on a comedy show. He was saying how bad religion was. He must be right. He said we are free now”. I couldn’t help myself. I had to look over at them. Not scornfully, like a pointed hat professor, mocking a young person’s world view, (and wearing pretty much a suit, a trilby hat and my black overcoat, I could pretty much see how I could be mistaken for that). They were talking, engaging about their world, which is good, but all they were doing as they were talking were texting each other, it seems that they were, judging by one person being one phone and the other receiving back and forth etc. It sounded like they were playing game or doing something on a laptop, that sounded like muffled weapons’ fire, tiny and plastic. Not hard, cruel, metallic like a gun does sound.

And I have fired a few guns in my time. I was in the Army briefly in my early Adulthood, was a Naval Reserve Cadet for almost the entire length of my teenage years. But, those guns sounds so fake, the games so realistic in their environments, so fast, so chaotic that it’s almost a super-sensorial orgy for the eyes, the mind, the ears. Running, hiding, shooting, getting shot at, all the teams the same, Palestinians versus US Marines, British SAS versus the Spetnaz, over and over again…their initial impact is so minimal that you hardly see it coming. When you die in Call of Duty, or rather you get blown up, shot, stabbed, whatever, all you have to do is wait until the next round. Until you are re-spawned and like a soulless drone you are sent out to the battlefield again.

But, what’s nagging at me, getting under my skin like a virus is the deprivation of the imagination. We see it everywhere now, everyone is a clone, albeit a clone of their own making. But, what sort of society are we creating? We wrap some kids up in so many protective layers that some parents freak out, and in turn freak out their kids by what cannot be controlled like being rained on, walking through a puddle, a dog barking, a car back firing, etc; yet, others we seem to feed to the hounds…what is wrong with us as a society, as a collective, as a great cosmic chain, I feel some of the links are starting to snap.

Call me conspiratorial if you like, but a recent news article in the Australian press got the writer in me thinking.


The Healthy Kids it just me or is there a ring of something sinister under those passive, jingoistic words. Welcome to the twenty-first century…now it’s time for Stepford Kids (look it up it is one of three sequel to the Stepford Wives, so I am guessing, Stepford Wives, Stepford Husbands, Stepford Children…Revenge of the Stepford Wives…I kid you not.

Three-year-olds will be screened for early signs of mental illness in a new federal government program that uses behaviours such as sleeping with the light on, having temper tantrums or extreme shyness as signs of possible psychological problems”. That also sounds like kids who are being bullied, who maybe on the Autism Spectrum, or Children who are victims of sexual or other abuse, the list is endless of what the possible causes could be.

“The ‘‘Healthy Kids Check” will be predominantly conducted by GPs, with children who show troubling behaviour referred to psychologists or paediatricians”–this in itself seems rather dangerous, to me. As I am aware most GP’s are not experts in childhood behavioural problems, developmental problems or even in a lot cases abuse claims…Most Doctors who suspect abuse is happening, I thought would consult with teachers, or child psychologists or even parents, if they think the parents are not aware of the abuse

The program is expected to identify more than 27,000 children who the government claims may benefit from additional support, but who some doctors claim may be wrongly labelled as having a mental illness. While the aim is to prevent mental disorders – 50 per cent of which start in childhood – the Australian Medical Association and some mental health experts fear children may be misdiagnosed or given psychiatric drugs unnecessarily”

This what I am concerned with. Children seem to be plonked in front of electrical devices more and more these days. Ipads to teach them how to read and spell. DVDs and computer games designed as teaching aids. Many people are terrified, I have read of putting their kids into expensive and sometimes abusive childcare environment, and instead opt out to homeschooling for the first few years or the child’s life…extreme shyness? Problems adjusting to people, in relating to people, so they act out, they are taken away from their safe, passive—aggressive lifestyle of games and technology…I know I may be exaggerating, but if I am, I don’t think I am exaggerating by that much.

The report goes on to say, “We have to be careful we don’t medicalise normal behaviour and that’s a real caution with children,” AMA president Steve Hambleton said. ”There are genuine kids who need extra support to help them integrate into normal kindergartens and classrooms, and a lot of the funding for that is driven by diagnoses, so there’s a perverse incentive to diagnose conditions like autism. There are kids who need it but we don’t want to make normal kids abnormal.”

However, Professor Frank Oberklaid, chairman of the expert committee appointed by Minister for Mental Health Mark Butler to develop the check, said their priority was to ”first do no harm”.

”The critics are worried that we’re going to slap diagnoses on three-year-olds and treat them with drugs, but this is not the point of the exercise,” he said.

”Many parents and preschool teachers face behaviours in children that are challenging and cause stress and distress. Thankfully many of these are transient, but we can’t predict in a particular child which ones are going to disappear and which ones are going to go on and cause mental health problems.”

The test, although not compulsory, will form part of a physical check for developmental problems such as hearing, eyesight and allergies. Previously it was conducted on four-year-olds but has been brought forward a year and, for the first time, will include social and emotional screening. Doctors will receive extra training before the check is introduced in the next financial year.

Announced as part of last year’s budget, Fairfax has obtained the first details of the $11 million four-year program. A checklist of potentially troubling behaviours is being finalised and Professor Oberklaid said it would likely include ”externalising” behaviours such as aggression, difficulty with impulse control and frustration, and trouble interacting with others. ”We’ll also look at internalizing disorders. [Young children] can get anxious as well.

A lot of that does cover what I have said previously. But, it just gets my mind working, my mind wondering why hasn’t there really been any protests against this going on…I keep seeing in my mind overly medicated kids, sitting on the couch in front of a console, or hidden in their rooms at night playing strange, obscure, horrific video games, doped out of their eyeballs, hypnotised, mesmerized by what they’re doing. They don’t need to stop, the pills they’re one has given them super human endurance to staying up all night, with 60 inch screens on their desks, headphones on, binging on chips and soft drink. Over weight, and their bones deformed, morphing to the shape of the chair they’re on. As soon as they stand up to up to go outside, to check the mail to see if their new game has arrived they are in contact with an animal, they go down to touch it, to pet it and they sneeze…they go inside and they feel ill… then something happens they die.

They have no immunity. The children of helicopter parents and self-righteous know-it-all parenting experts on TV

I know this is an extremely long bow to draw on all of this, and well before now you have stopped really paying attention, you are scanning this wondering ‘where is he going with this? What has this got to do with Indoctrination and social engineering of children’.

But, please indulge me a little further, if you will.

In the last few years there has been a lot of protests on the Internet, on TV talk shows especially so-called Celebrity parents talk about curing Autism that was caused by vaccinations, over you guessed it, infant vaccinations. There has been also a groundswell of conspiracy theorists claiming that there are small microchips being implanted into infants by Global economic powers, the US, the State of Israel, the Illuminati blah, blah, blah, blah—you get the point. I will discuss the serious anti-inoculations issues first, being an Aspie, this whole thing really pisses me off, as there is very little evidence for the claims that have been made.

But for all the anarchists out there who go on about the social engineering and indoctrination of children into being passive slaves—wouldn’t the facts that I have raised throughout this article be proof enough that any government Good, Bad, or Indifferent, and let’s face it now government is ever Good, it’s usually broken up evenly into those three parts, but you can tell which one it is at any one time, we are passively lapping up everything already. We are slaves. What is the Roman saying about taking away bread and wine and they’ll riot in a week, take away their games and they’ll riot in a day…we are already indoctrinated into the worship of the machine. We have forsaken our own minds, our own imagination and the imaginations of our descents by our hunger, by our love for the machine. If you want a real conspiracy theory have a look at that global movement, Kony 2012. It came upon us so quickly, and then died just as quickly that by the time some of us even knew what it was it was gone. I know I am going to be unpopular in saying this but I don’t care. Was that not the most brilliant test case for a future invasion of a landlocked African nation, that anyone has ever seen. Without going too much into detail, it has now come out that Kony hasn’t been in that area of Africa for several years, before the American film maker got there. Did anyone else feel sick to their with what that man was doing to his child, pointing at Kony and others and saying, “he is evil he kills kids. He makes kids into soldier’s”, etc

Maybe I am a cold hearted Bastard, but I keep seeing these corporatised slogans of protest, the Guy Fawkes mask from V for Vendetta, worn by Julian Assange and I keep wondering, is freedom actually a Con these days? All these distractions now Left is Right, Right is Left, extremism on both sides and I wonder is that all just a side show, so all we do is buy more and more useless downloads, updates and bullshit political spin that we don’t even notice that we are losing what makes us human, the ability to think for ourselves?

I was originally planning on going into a whole vaccination debate in this but it’s getting too big to do this here and I fear I would not be able to give both arguments proper place as I am definitely on the pro-vaccination side. There is something coming. I think the darkest days of humanity are well and truly in front of us. We are getting further and further away from nature. And this is a dangerous thing. The further we leave the natural world, the harder it will be to go back. It’s funny how I feel the sudden urge to stop writing this. I get the feeling maybe I have confused the issues. Maybe I have done this argument an injustice.


About jameswfrobertsdapoet

Emerging Poet and Writer. From Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. I present a show called Crazy Talk/Word Berserk, on I believe in what Phoenix has to offer. No where else will you get the diversity of Gospel, Country music shows, Koori themed shows and Poetry and Experimental music? My father, Bryan did a show on 3CCC in the 1980’s called the Keyboard Hour for a bout 8 years, until he died. That is partly why I joined Phoenix but mainly it’s because of the diversity we offer people and also I really do feel that we are an important vehicle, an important voice for the Community at Large. My interests are Poetry, Literature, Music, Movies, Cultural Awareness and Philosophical pursuits. My show is basically a Late Night Radio Show for Artists, Poets, Musicians and Creative Thinkers of all types to come and inform, enjoy, entertain and inspire each other. So join me and my guests from the local Artistic Community to be inspired, to be entertained and informed
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8 Responses to Social Engineering and Indoctrination…Some fragmented ideas…

  1. Lara says:


    That’s a lot of words for me to take in, and a lot of issues. I can’t possibly address them all in one sitting but would like to say that I really did enjoy .. whilst not agreeing with everything you said .. but still . enjoy … reading this. You raise some fascinating issues. I can just give my own perspective on a few things in response.

    My youngest son spends hours in his room blowing up people on the screen. It’s not something I would do, yet my intuition tells me to just ‘let him be a boy’, he’ll be fine. He is fine. He’s an incredibly funny and creative kid who has us in stitches with his wit and clever humour. He says fuck every now and again. He can be very ‘cheeky’. He’s also incredibly caring and a great listener. He has built massive megatropolises (is that a word) on his computer.. I have sat with him and watched him play, and believe me, his creativity and imagination are more developed than we adults could ever imagine. It’s hard for us to understand the techno age that these children have been born into, and so we need to find fault with it, and them, hence fuelling this dark future you talk about. I hope, and believe, that we can turn this around.

    I have been exposed to a variety of teenagers through my older son, who is 18. They don’t have great role models. Many adults are saying one thing and doing another, criticising them and their choices constantly, always knowing better, punishing them.. and I’m really not sure how society thinks we’re going to create happy, healthy kids by constantly telling them how crap they are. I just don’t get that.

    I love that you’ve written this. There is so much more. Where would you go if you kept going, I wonder?



    • I have no problem with your young son. I congratulate him. But your 18 year old worries me. My nephews worriy me they have a very poor example of fatherhood their father. My father when i was six so I constantly created my own. My biggest concern with all of this, which is what I hope I conveyed is for their Soul.

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  3. Oh my goodness! an incredible article dude. Thanks Nonetheless I am experiencing difficulty with ur rss . Don’t know why Unable to subscribe to it. Is there anyone getting an identical rss downside? Anyone who is aware of kindly respond. Thnkx

  4. Unquestionably believe that which you stated. Your favorite reason appeared to be on the internet the simplest thing to be aware of. I say to you, I definitely get irked while people think about worries that they plainly don’t know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top and defined out the whole thing without having side effect , people could take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thanks

  5. Additionally,I guess this is more of a riposte, than a re-post or a comment as such. But, something else that is alarming and in a similar light. Before we go further, here is what we have just discussed, so now we have kids sitting in front of screens, playing violent video games, fully adhering to the social indoctrination of the secular religion that is the Internet, ‘healthy kids’ check where they are measured, weighed and in most circumstances I imagine that these toddlers would be classed as mentally—ill, depressive, neurotic (add whatever else you would like to add to that list).

    Something rather odd is happening in a Mount Martha (Melbourne) Primary School, students have taken to the Tom Elliott Program on 3AW to voice their complete disapproval of the schools reactionary stance against physical contact.
    11-year old Will was a member of a student lead ‘sit down protest’ yesterday which was held after they were banned from all forms of contact, including ‘tiggy’ and ‘high fives’.
    “I actually was (a member of the protest) and we got a bit of trouble… but it was alright because we were saying what we wanted” Will answered when questioned about the unusual act of rebellion.
     “I thought it (the rule) was a bit silly because she (Principal Judy Beckworth) got all the year 4 to 6’s in the gym for a meeting”
    “We’re not even allowed to help our friends up. I have got like a friend who is on crutches right now, so if they fall over, we’re not allowed to touch them to help them up or anything like that” Will said.
    Another Year 6 student, Tom, also phoned the 3AW Drive program and described the ‘no touching’ rule as ‘really unfair’
    ‘Lets say you’re playing Tiggy, you can’t play or anything… It’s just really annoying’ Tom said.

    To listen to the the actual interviews, click below…

    [audio src="" /]

    So, what sort of life are we now setting up for our children? Are we by perpetuating the over-bearing control of the Nanny-state, creating a dissociating state of consciousness?

    Are we deliberating making the virtual world more appealing and more sustainable to retreat into, by making it a crime for children to touch each other….doesn’t that sound ominous when you say kids touching each other? See how the world we live in is changing the way words are preceived in the human mind?

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